Monday, December 8, 2008


This is a little 8x10 acrylic painting that I did. The colors and flowers remind me of India, so I named it "Chiplun" after a town near where I used to work in India.

I plan to start selling my tiny paintings online soon. My larger paintings are available through the Lagerquist Gallery in Atlanta.

Source of ideas:
My daughter's finger painting - pink and orange with vertical streaks.
Her pink and orange made me think of India.
The flowers remind me of ones painted on trucks in India.
The saffron-colored glaze on the top of the painting is reminiscent of India also.


Jennifer Lommers said...

Beautiful! Keep it up - your blog looks great!


Jennifer L. Addotta said...

I love these colors!

Jennifer L. Addotta said...

I love the colors and just the free style of this painting!