Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm in the fabric business!

Nasturtium fabric in 4 sizes + polka dot accent fabrics.
I've wanted to design fabric for years, but the cost of having small portions of fabric printed was pretty expensive.   Since Spoonflower came along though, I've been having a great time making things with my own fabric.  Thank you Spoonflower!  I hope you have a long and prosperous life.

Spoonflower recently started a program to let fabric designers sell their fabric to others, so I put my Nasturtiums fabric for sale and then forgot about it for a while until I needed to upload a design for a baby blanket that I was making for a friend.  When I logged on, I was delighted to find that lots of people had been buying my fabric!

That was inspiration enough for me!  I designed more fabric to sell and have lots more in the works.

Spoonflower prints each fabric order on demand-- just specify the amount of fabric and type of cloth you would like to have and Spoonflower makes it and sends it to you.  I love that there is so little waste involved in the process--no unsold inventory.  I've been extremely happy with the extra-careful printing quality, the quality of cloth and how it stands up to washing and other abuse I subject it to.  You can choose basic cotton (quilting weight), stretch knit, cotton-linen blend (my favorite), upholstery fabric, sheer cotton lawn, and more.

You can find my fabrics at http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/anntuck.  Since my Nasturtiums design is so popular, I decided to offer some polka-dot accent fabrics that go with it (I love polka-dots),  I'm also offering the Nasturtiums in different sizes.  Nasturtiums (great size for everything from quilts to garments), Nasturtiums Petite (nice smaller print with a Liberty of London feel--for smaller applications like doll clothes, or shirts, or anywhere you would use a calico print.), Nasturtiums Bold (use where you would like a bolder print--perhaps a skirt), and Nasturtiums Jumbo (could be used for drapery or bedding).

I've also finished some other designs that I really like.  More on that later.


Dana Barbieri said...

I really love your fabric designs. Saw them today on spoonflower. glad to here the fabrics hold up well. i have been considering using them to print some of my own designs.

Anonymous said...


So happy to see you super actvie and doing what you love.....Great stuff.

Katkoot said...

I am so glad you made this! I have always been looking for nasturtium fabric and found yours. I'm about to order to make a stuffed rabbit off etsy. Yay!

Ann Tuck said...

Oh! I'd love to see your rabbit when it's done. The nasturtium design is my most popular. I should make some more designs like it.

I make some polka dot accent fabrics to match the nasturtiums, by the way.

Let me know if you post a picture of your rabbit on the Spoonflower Filckr pool or somewhere.