Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Chapel Done Four Ways

 This was just one of those things that I felt I needed to work through.  I don't always know why I do that, but I never regret it.  In this case, I sent myself into a chapel painting do-loop of different mediums and styles.

What started all of this was that a few years ago I did another little painting of this local chapel and struggled with it.  I tried painting on clay board for the first time and it slurped up my paint more than I had expected.  That wasn't the only frustration though.  The subject itself gave me some trouble and I never really knew why.  I ended up selling that painting for just a small amount and never thought that I'd see it again, but since then I've been tickled to see that the people who run the chapel like to use the image for their note cards and things.   So, when it was time for them to order more cards again, I decided that I would treat them to another image.
Acrylic - Funky

I had only meant to make one painting, but then I did another in another medium and style , then another, and another.  I was working through whatever it was about the subject that I had found so tricky.  And you know how it is, once you work through something, you don't always know what the problem was in the first place.  But I think I know now--It's those eaves!  I start to get all free and sloppy painting the trees--which are lovely, the way they sit in front of the lake and make such a nice screen with nothing behind to clutter it up--but then those white eaves cut across and slow me down.   Then I get concerned about keeping them straight and properly angled and such and that breaks my flow. 

Oil - Traditional

Oil - Messy

Even if the chapel is a bit of a road bump for me, I'm glad I took the trouble to paint it.  I know it as a symbol for our community.  Its front lawn is where everything in town happens--where our kids will hunt for Easter eggs this Sunday.

All of these are 8"x10" paintings.  My favorites are the watercolor and acrylic even though those aren't my usual mediums.  

Happy Easter.

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