Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back from Summer

My mother used to paint while carrying me on her hip when I was little--I can't even paint while the kids are around at all (it turns into a collaborative project).   I'm always so delighted to get back to work after the summer.  This year though, I have even more reason to be anxious to start--both of the kids are now in school full time.  No more rushing back from drop off at preschool to get a measly two hours of work done as I've been doing for years--Though that taught me to be very efficient with my time and kept my paintings quick and fresh (I guess I'm not really in the habit of  dwelling on paintings anyway, so perhaps that suited me well)

Even more cause for excitement is the 2,700+ photos that I took during our "UberTrip" (as my 5 year-old calls it) in which we drove across the country and back through 18 states.  I think there are a few great paintings in those photos.

Best thing to do after a long period of no painting is to warm up.    My students and I spent a whole class just slopping paint around on a scrap of canvas after the long break, and I made some nice sloppy studies on my own.    This one is of rush hour in Nashville.  I think I can make a nice painting from a crop of this study.

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