Friday, April 27, 2012

Guinea Pig Fabric

Guinea Pig Applique Fabric by Ann Tuck

Update:  You can purchase this fabric here: and also choose to purchase this design as wallpaper (removable so it's great for renters)
Also try this design: if you just want to use the guinea pigs for applique' or cut outs for other crafts.  You can also choose to purchase this design as wall stickers (repositionable).

Removable guinea pig wallpaper by Ann Tuck

I entered this fabric design in Spoonflower's design contest.  This week's theme is "What's the New Owl?".  My immediate thought was guinea pigs.  Lucky for me, I have friends with an adorable guinea pig named Summer who was happy to model for me.  Click here to vote for my design.

Thank you Summer


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this design, if there is anyway I could buy some then please let me know :)

Ann Tuck said...


Thanks for asking. You can purchase the fabric at Spoonflower here:

I also offer my Guinea Pigs in another format just for cutting out for applique' here:

I'd love to see what you make with it.


Amy E said...

I love this. I have NO experience crafting AT ALL, but would love to use the fabric to make bunting for my other half - any advice on which I should use please? Thank you!

Ann Tuck said...

Hi amykins,

You mean those little flags that are hung on a string? Neat idea. I have another guinea pig fabric that is just the guinea pigs that you can cut out for applique' . You can buy some iron on adhesive sheets for applique that makes it very easy (makes kind of a fabric sticker (Heat 'n Bond)). Perhaps felt would be easy to make the flags with with. Also, Spoonflower just started selling wall decals (and removable wall paper) so you can choose to buy that same design as wall decals and cut them out and stick on the wall (or on some triangles to make them look like bunting). I'd love to see how it turns out. You can post on the Spoonflower Flickr pool. There are some other bunting designs on Spoonflower by the way. Thanks!