Saturday, November 24, 2012

Four new stationary designs

New Personalized Note Card designs by Ann Tuck
I added four new designs to my line of personalized note cards just in time for holiday gifts.

Instead of baking holiday cookies to send to my friends and neighbors, I order these personalized note cards for them.  They're zero calories, they don't take up much space in the house, and they are something that can actually be used.  I order some for each of my childrens' teachers as well, and everyone seems to look forward to them each year.

Your friends will think of you every time they use them.

Note:  Enter your name by expanding the “Personalize It” box to the left of the note card and you can see how it will look with your name. (See tutorial below for more detail).  There is a nice selection of papers to choose from, but I find that the “Basic” paper choice looks great. If you’d like to customize your name with a different font or color, just click the orange “Customize” button under the note card.  (Tip: to raise or lower the name by small amounts, hold down Ctrl while you click the up and down arrows).

These cards are shipped with envelopes.

For more information, see my previous post on my stationary here.  You can see how to inexpensively personalize a big batch of the cards yourself.

Here's a quick tutorial on personalizing the cards on Zazzle:

Click the "+" next to  "Personalize it" to personalize the cards with your name.

Enter your name or your recipients name in the text box.
Now you are ready to order.

You can also choose other paper types by expanding the "Options" selection.
I found that the "Basic" option is so nice that I haven't bothered to try
the other options.  Linen would probably be nice too though.

If you want to change the font, or color of the text, you can click the
 "Customize it" button. 

Here I show the various options for customizing.   If you change the font or size
of the text, you may need to move the text up or down on the page.  Use the
arrow buttons to the left of the font selection to do that.  For finer
control of position, hold the Ctrl button down while you click the

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