Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nasturtiums Ditsy Prints

While I'm scaling-down some of my fabric prints to make them more useful to quilters, I thought I'd tackle my most popular Nasturtiums designs today.  Especially since they have appeared on Spoonflower's Favorites page again today.

Here are how both my Nasturtiums Vintage and Nasturtiums Fresh prints look in regular size and my scaled down ditsy petite versions viewed with a Quilter's Piece Preview (By Cottage Mills Inc. available at Hobby Lobby).

I've always meant to make a short-sleeved shirt dress with the vintage version ditsy nasturtiums.  It has a Liberty of London feel that reminds me of an old dress that has been in the family for ages.  One day....

Nasturtiums Ditsy Petite fabric by Ann Tuck
Nasturtiums Fresh Ditsy Petite Fabric by Ann Tuck
Nasturtiums fabric by Ann Tuck

Nasturtiums Fresh fabric by Ann Tuck

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