Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moths and Marigolds entered in this week's Spoonflower contest.

Detail of "Moths and Marigolds"
I just entered my “Moths and Marigolds” fabric design in the Spoonflower design contest. This week’s contest is for border prints (fabric with a separate design on the edge).  Since I have been planning some border prints to make into tablecloths, shirts, and bedding for a while, I got out my watercolors and painted some nice juicy marigolds to go with some moths that I had already painted. I think my time spent living in India has definitely influenced me to use marigolds in this piece.

I plan to make a caftan and a blouse out of this fabric.  Then perhaps I'll blow up the design a little and make a bedspread with Spoonflower's cotton/linen blend fabric.

If you would like to vote in the contest, just follow this link. You can vote for as many designs as you like--I'm sure there will be a few other very nice ones there. If you happen to like mine I could use all the help I can get because my design really doesn’t display very well on their site—it looks very yellowy which make my blue and green backgrounds look kind of gross.  When it is printed on fabric though, it should like like it does in this image because I already tested these background colors by having Spoonflower print a pallette for me.  I had a chance to see the moths printed on the Spoonflower fabric as well and I'm really happy with how they came out too.  I'll put this fabric up for sale after I receive my test swatch and make sure that everything looks right.

Wish me luck!

1 yard of "Moths and Marigolds"

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Sammy said...

missed it....I am glad you are very active on this field...It does fit you...artistic, design and something you BUILD your self.