Sunday, April 15, 2012

Small Bee Painting

"Bee" by Ann Tuck oil on canvas 8"x8"

I did this little 8"x8" painting of a thirsty bee that I found drinking water from a paper towel that was placed in a drinking fountain at Sunset Crater Volcano in Arizona. 

I did a large painting of four bees earlier this year and I received such nice responses about it that I decided to make this small painting for those who like to purchase from 

The painting is oil on canvas (staples are hidden on the back) and is 8"x8".  I'm selling it on a DailyPaintWorks auction.


Nigel Fletcher said...

Lovely painting!

You sound like you've had an interesting life...! I spent a year travelling with sketch books and found Idia one of the most amazing places to paint

Sue said...

This is beautiful - I love it!