Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Repositionable Wall Decals and Removable Wall Paper Now Available.

Spashy Watercolor Peel and Stick wall decals by Ann Tuck


Great news!  Spoonflower started selling wall decals and wall paper today.  This is a picture of my splashy watercolor butterfly wall decals in our craft room.   I'm very happy with how the product works and the colors printed out beautifully.  After seeing these butterflies, my daughter asked if she could have them in her room, so it's a good thing that they are respositionable.  They can be easily removed and placed elsewhere.  She might like my Guinea Pig wall decals that are also available.
The Spoonflower wallpaper is removable so it's great for renters and college students and it's being used for tons of other craft projects besides wallpaper.  The material is also said to be very safe for kids' rooms.  Click the caption under the photos for more information.  Almost all of my designs can be purchased as wallpaper.  Just select "Wallpaper" under any of my designs in my Spoonflower gallery.
Nasturium wallpaper by Ann Tuck - great for a breakfast nook.
Guinea Pig Wallpaper - Wall Decals also available
Watercolor Butterflies wallpaper by Ann Tuck
Bees Wallpaper by Ann Tuck
Japanese Brush wallpaper by Ann Tuck

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