Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Wider Audience

I sell my small paintings online at, but I haven’t been wanted to risk selling my larger works online to someone I don’t know.  Besides that, I’ve always said that packing a large painting for shipping can take as much time as creating the painting itself. 

So this week I started with Ugallery, and I think they are going to improve how I sell my work.  They have a stunning gallery and are all set for selling my work online.  They will ship across the world and let their customers try the paintings out for a week before committing.  For me, the risk of shipping an expensive painting to someone I don’t know is eliminated, and they send me a box to ship my painting in.  For that, I’m glad to share a commission. 

To top it off, my audience has grown from the people who set foot inside my local gallery to a global audience.

You can find my gallery at Ugallery at

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