Sunday, November 4, 2012


"Bees" by Ann Tuck 30"x40"

"Bees" by Ann Tuck

I just posted this painting for sale on Ugallery.  Click here for the price and to see more detail views of this piece.

I spotted these lovely bees in Arizona at the Sunset Crater Volcano.

UGallery will ship worldwide and they give you a week to try the painting out in your home before committing.


I was asked if I could offer prints of my "Bees" painting, so I made them available as well as a painting of a single bee that I did. ImageKind does a beautiful job with my reproductions, and can deliver them framed or as stretched canvas.  I love that they can make huge prints of my work--Just think how a 44" square stretched canvas of my "Bee" painting would look over the fireplace.  

Click here to find my gallery of prints.  You'll find the bee prints in the "Fauna" gallery, or just click the images below to be taken directly to the bee prints.

Thanks for asking!


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