Sunday, November 25, 2012

Power Your Christmas Pyramid with the Fireplace.

Power your Christmas Pyramid Carousel with the fireplace.

Here's a little something that my husband came up with as we were putting up Christmas decorations today.  "Hmm...where can I put this pyramid carousel were the dog can't get it?  Mantle?...I wonder if the heat from the fireplace could power it?"

As it turns out, it can.

Clamps and board can be disguised with
ribbon and a garland.
We ended up clamping a board to the mantle and tying the pyramid to it (I also included a piece of rubber non-skid mat to keep it in place).  We found that using a narrow board works best as it does not obstruct the flow of warm air from the fireplace as much.  If you have a decorative metal grate, or a pretty tray, that would work too.

It works like a charm every time we turn on our gas fireplace, and we don't have to deal with candle wax dripping on the wood.

The clamps can be disguised with ribbon, and a garland looks smart when hung from the protruding board to the ends of the mantle (be careful not to let the garland obstruct the flow of warm air)

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