Monday, November 24, 2008

My First Post!

Here it is! The first post in my blog--what fun! I haven't told anyone that I have started a blog yet, but what fun!. Someone will eventually read this. Let's see how many times I change the this blog's name.

I have chosen my first photo to be my new fabric that I designed. I made this maidenhair fern motif as a repeatable pattern and sent it off to have it printed by a new company called Spoonflower. I am really happy with the quality of the fabric and the printing--the colors are spot-on. I'll make sure to show you what I make with this later.

Where the design came from:
  • Maidenhair ferns - I just love them.
  • My mom's 60's era scarf - yellow and scudgy green combination.
  • Flowers from the Dating Game show set and Japanese sakura flowers


Sweet Artworks said...

I love your design. It's so bright and lively.

Jen said...

Your fabric came out gorgeous! I have been developing something to send to Spoonflower but I haven't gotten it the way I want it yet. I love your blog! I may steal your idea of listing where your inspirations come from. That's a great idea! Often times we forget how an idea comes into being.