Monday, June 15, 2009

Father's Day T-shirts

It started a couple of years ago with this shirt. (Who does this guy's laundry?) We went from "what should we give Dad for Father's Day?" to grabbing a T-shirt and some acrylic paint. (which works great on T-shirts, by the way. No need for fancy fabric paint--the inexpensive craft acrylics that come in bottles work great for T-shirts)

The kids didn't spend much time of this shirt. With a couple of drips of blue paint for eyes, the blobs quickly turned into creatures. Dad loves this shirt. LOVES it. He wears it all the time.

This is a great project for very young kids. Just remember to protect their clothing, because the paint will never come out. I find that limiting the palette prevents muddy colors. Other than that, just stretch the shirt over a board, give the kids a brush, and let them go.

Now... how to top that last shirt! I have been itching to do some applique--I never dreamed it would be for something for my husband. Keeping the creature theme that worked so well before, I asked the kids to draw some monsters. Our six-year-old drew a one-eyed monster straight away, but our three-year-old just made some scribbles--No problem, the scribbles looked very creature-like. We found a flying creature and a mushroom-headed lizard creature in them.

I dug out a precious scrap of my Spoonflower fabric (can't waste those!!!) and we used Steam-a-Seam2 double stick fusible web to make the creatures into fabric "stickers". We slapped them on the shirt and then I pressed them with the iron and sewed around the edges. We added some button eyes and we were done!

He'll get the creature drawings as a Father's Day card.

Shhhhhhh! Don't tell him what he's getting!


peggy gatto said...

I just love what you did!!! Very fun!!!

Sammy said...

Very cool:-)......You are something